For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.–Romans 8:38-39

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A Few of My Newest Favorite Things

I’m a pen-aholic! I love fun, cute pens and this one makes me want a bowl of frozen sherbet!

Each week, I make out my grocery list and weekly menu on the backs of scrap paper and envelopes (bills). This is way cuter and neat and organized. I’ll still recycle it and write notes on the back…or make paper airplanes with my boy…or origami….I’ll also save these lists so I can repeat my week’s menu sometime when I don’t have time or interest in making out a whole new list!

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Man Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas…For Next Year

I was just reading Mary Kassian’s blog post, 10 Easy-on-the-Budget Ideas for Valentine’s Day. I appreciated her suggestions, but as I read her post to my husband, we decided to inject a bit more testosterone into her ideas and make them more “man friendly”. Here’s her list, and our man-up version.

1. Give him Valentines by the Dozens. Mary suggests kid-themed valentine’s placed where your sweety can find them throughout the day. Hmmm….I just can’t imagine Thabiti seeing Mickey under his mousepad, saying “Awww! My wife is so sweet! Another card!” But, I can imagine him saying, “At least it doesn’t have too many words!”

2. Pack a Valentine’s Picnic. This could be great! Pack a picnic and have it with him…at the GAME!

3. Burn a Personal CD. Love songs on a cd….This must be a prelude….

4. Make a Romantic Jigsaw. Just get a piece of furniture with some assembling required. Make that piece of furniture the cabinet for the flat-screen tv. Then, you could put the family photos, cards, candles on display in the cabinet.

5.  Create a Crossword Puzzle. Again-this must be a prelude….Just sayin’….

6. Name a Star. Mary says name a star after your hubby and then view it online. I’d say toss in a real telescope and you’ve got a winner!

7. Leave a Message on the Lawn. CAUTION! I would advise extreme care in messing with your man’s grass!

8. Celebrate 12 Days of Valentine’s. How about just 3 days of golf, 5 days of ESPN, 12 days of meat–sausages, steaks, etc.

9. Hang some love on a Valentine’s Tree. Create some coupons that would be a blessing to your man–one day of cuddle-free football, no chick flicks for a weekend, host a guy party with a few of his friends and his favorite game day foods, one day of football with cuddles (but no questions!).

10. Jar of Affection. Mary says, “Decorate a large jar with valentines. Fill the jar with folded pieces of paper—coupons—for “treats” such as a kiss, a back rub, breakfast in bed, coffee at starbucks, candles with dinner, etc. Your sweetheart gets to draw one coupon out each day until they are gone.” — no changes necessary for this one!

Happy Valentine’s Day!